Sawyer comes from a family that is calm and friendly just like him. When he was born, his parents knew he was perfect for a job that helped people. While he was a puppy, he attended a special school where he learned all of the important things he needed to know to do his job. Sawyer loved going to school but he also loved playing at home and relaxing!

When Sawyer was ready, he traveled to Scotty’s House to start his new job. He loves making new friends and helping people at work, read more about Sawyer below!



Sawyer III


Jan 6, 2016

Height on 2 legs:


Height on 4 legs:



The perfect size for traveling on new adventures!


Favorite Toy:

Green GoughNuts Stick

Favorite TV Show:

Animal Cops: Houston (They have REALLY important jobs!)

Favorite Thing to do in B/CS:

Attend an Aggie football game!

Favorite School:

Canine Companions for Independence® (He was an Honor Roll student!)

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