What is Scotty’s House?

Scotty’s House is a Child Advocacy Center. Those are just big words for an awesome, safe place for kids in the Brazos Valley to get help.

What is Paws for Hope?

Paws for Hope is a cool way Scotty’s House uses specially trained dogs to help lots and lots of kids.

Why do we need Paws for Hope?

Paws for Hope was made to help kids feel better while they’re at Scotty’s House.

What is a facility dog?

A facility dog is a REALLY smart dog that goes to school and studies very hard to learn how to help people and do special jobs.

Who is Sawyer?

Sawyer is the Scotty’s House facility dog. He was trained by a special school called Canine Companions for Independence®. He is the first dog to be a part of Paws for Hope.

What will Sawyer do at Scotty’s House?

When he’s at Scotty’s House, Sawyer’s job is to sit next to kids while they talk to some really smart grown-ups.

Is Sawyer a service or therapy dog, like I sometimes see at the store or movies?

No, Sawyer is a facility dog. He can’t go to the store or movies. His job is to help at Scotty’s House.

What is Canine Companions for Independence?

Canine Companions for Independence is this amazing school. They teach Sawyer and other smart dogs to do special things for people and places like Scotty's House.

How can I learn more about Canine Companions for Independence?

Ask for permission first, then go to the website CCI.org.

What is the Sawyer Slide?

You HAVE to see it! He lays down in SUCH a cool way!

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